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I’m never on this blog tbh I’m always on my larry one 


love how kids introduce themselves like “hello im johnny im five years old i know how to read” yeah cool i didnt ask for your life story asshole

I just got shipped with Luke by someone who I don’t even know and doesn’t know I’m a Luke girl, fuck yeahh

In Need Of an Ana Buddy?


You have two options.  Either join an ana group or have one ana buddy.  Your group/buddy will be assigned to you.  Ana groups tend to work better but it’s whatever you want.  One of us will be in each ana group to make sure things run smoothly.  Go to our ask and give us your kik, age and whether you want to be in a group or one on one.   


If you really want to eat something but don’t want the calories.  Do the chew and spit.  Chew it up and get the taste then spit it out in a trash bin.  Make sure to make the taste last so you don’t want more, chew each bite at least 20 times. 

person: but what if your parents had aborted YOU
me: well okay for starters i wouldn't have been forced to hear that stupid ass comment you just made
Act my age?
What the fuck is that, “act my age”?
What do I care how old I am?
The Ocean is old as fuck.
It will still drown your ass with vigor. —the greatest thing i have ever read  (via get-fit2fuck)


Starbucks drinks under 100 calories

tall non-fat caffe latte-100 cals
Tall skinny nonfat caramel macchiato- 100 cals
Tall nonfat cappuccino-60 cals
Talk skinny non-fat cinnamon dolce latte-90 cals
Tall shaken Tazo lemonade- 100 cals
Tall skinny vanilla latte-90 cals
Tall iced coffee (with classic syrup)- 60 cals
Tall iced skinny latte- 60 cals
Tall caffe americano- 10 cals